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Founded in 2008 by Swedish born Australian technology entrepreneur and designer Claes Loberg and current CEO and Chairman Darren Herft, Guvera has been growing in leaps and bounds, and MitchelLake are pleased to be working closely with this progressive startup. Having been named as “Best StartUp” and “Best Music App” of the year in 2013, they had a strong 2014 by signing a global distribution agreement with the world’s largest PC and fastest-growing smartphone company Lenovo.

Ok...huddle in, I want to share with you some trade secrets that have been gleaned for close to 16 years in the dark art of recruitment...

MitchelLake has always hosted interesting events. In fact, we nurture our ecosystem perhaps a little too much at times. Where our competitors are stalking through LinkedIn or cold calling their clients, we’re much more likely to be kicking back with a beer at our Beertech event or tucking into a breakfast wrap in the crowd while we listen to a couple of our mates talk about growing their fintech startups in Melbourne.

It’s impossible to escape the terminology Big Data these days. It’s taken on faddish dimensions of popularity with various theories and ideas proposing the best way to tackle and manage the increasing amounts of information we generate and record. The reality is that most data is unusable to most businesses due to various regulations including privacy, intellectual property constraints and firewalls.

The overcast skies didn’t dampen the event - or the view - for our most recent event, an intimate lunch for CEOs and founders to discuss fundraising alternatives for tech companies. Held in Norton Rose’s finest boardrooms – complete with sweeping views across Sydney Harbour – the event was a collaboration between myself, Nick Abrahams - Legal Futurist, Tech and M&A Lawyer at Norton Rose, Jason Georgatos – Partner at Partners for Growth (PFG), Stuart Foster – CEO Foster Stockbroking and Phil Alexander – Director at Overture Capital.